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Whether you’re new to Fauna or an experienced Fauna developer, this documentation gives you the how-to guidance and reference information needed for building database applications powered by the FQL query language.

Get started

If you are new to Fauna or migrating from an earlier version, these resources can get you up to speed quickly.

Quick start

Try these tutorials for an introduction to Fauna basics. You can run queries from the Dashboard or programmatically, using a Fauna driver.

Migration checklist

Existing FQL v4 client applications continue to work with FQL v10 documents and schema but learn what changes you should be aware of.


Get comprehensive reference and how-to guides for building sophisticated applications.


Use the FQL query language to read, write, and manage documents using familiar programming paradigms.

FQL language

The language reference covers the syntax and lexical elements of the full FQL language.

Built-in functions

Get detailed API reference information for FQL functions and data definitions.


Work through tutorials that explore FQL language concepts and programming techniques.

Supported drivers

Choose a programming language driver to start querying Fauna from your application code:

Admin guides

Set up, manage, and configure built-in Fauna solutions.

Region Groups

Learn about where your data resides and how to choose a Region Group.

Plans and billing

Understand the available service plans and your monthly billing metrics.


Learn how to reliably back up and restore your database schema and documents.

Team management

Set up and manage the people who use your Fauna project.


Securely manage Fauna account access.

Multifactor authentication

Set up and use multifactor authentication to improve the security of your Fauna account.

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